Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Olá people of my land! so I´m here in Londrina and it´s been awesome! We´ve been staying with the sisters here and doing divisions with the sister leaders treinadoras... and we went to church yesterday. And it was SUPER weird to see the sisters (not us) stress out about the investigators not coming to church and hustling and bustling to get everything and everyone happy. (sundays are the most stressful day as a missionary- probably why p-day is on monday) 

But we ended up having 2 investigators come to church, and we are suppppper excited!!! We taught one of them this week before londrina and she already visited the church last year but never received one visit from the missionaries.... AYYYYYYYYYYYAAAHHHHHHHHHH and she went again yesterday. she loves the church, and wants a change in her life. oh man, I´m so anxious to return to marilia and teach!!!!
But today, we are planning to enjoy a little of londrina- check it out! :)

well I hope eveyone is doing well.
Happy thanksgiving! I completely forgot until someone reminded me. Hope you had fun black friday also. 
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lOVE CHIRSTMAS MUSIC!!!! And I love our savior Jesus Christ!

Sister Eliason

p.s. don´t love your pets more than you love your own children.

we have a very lame hammock I´m trying to enjoy.

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