Monday, December 8, 2014

I´m dreaming of a white christmas.... ("we think you look really good in white")

NAME THAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!
AHHH I´m so ready for Christmas! Oh my goodness, guess what happened? I reached the one year, one month mark. Mymind is having a hard time accepting this, but my body isn´t... hahahaha! The mission really takes a toll on your body- I don´t know how elders do it for 2 years, or how Alma lasted for 14. Don´t get me wrong, a mission is a wonderful marvelous thing, but it does affect your body a little.... And by a little, I mean a whole lot. hahaha

Okkkk this week we are teaching a woman named Leila, and she is super awesome! We taught her several times, but my favortie part was when we invited her to be baptized. (and keep in mind, she´s already been to church several times). The conversation went like this:
me: Leila, will you prepare to be baptized by someone who holds the priesthood of God this Sunday?
Leila: *after thinking for a moment* Well I don´t have anything against it, so sure.

haha It was super hard to not laugh (because I´ve never had anyone respond like that.) Well it turns out that she was NOT baptized this Sunday because she didn´t go to her baptismal interview- after trying everything, we couldn´t get ahold of her.  (I think she had some kind of family emergency, where her grandson went to the hospital.) But that´s the mission, right? You have many ups, but there are many disappointments.

Something cool that happened: we marked a lesson more than 2 weeks in advance, and although I thought that he would forget about it, we went there. (even when we were SUUUUPPPPPEEEERRRRRR tired.) but we arrived and the man was really impressed that we kept our promise, and we ended up teaching almost the whole family (7 people!) and one of the adult sons came to church yesterday! Blessing from working hard even when you are exhausted. 

love ya all!!!!
Sister Eliason

guess what?! I tried on highheels for the first time in over a year... it´s a strange sensation.

We are learning how to cook:)

WE FOUND SISTER DOS SANTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my old companion!) In the city!

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