Monday, December 22, 2014

It's a Christmas Miracle!


This past week was suuuuuuuupppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr AWESOME!!!!!!! 

On Tuesday we had our Chirstmas conference in Londrina with the whole mission! Oh, man, it was realllllly good- President Genaro gave a very spiritual training in the morning. Then every zone participated singing a hymn which we had preprapared. It was very enlightening, and I love conferences. It really boosts your spirits. After lunch, we had a zone talent show, and I don´t want to sound proud, but I think that our zone really had the best presentation- we did a skit of street contacting. 
We returned to Marília that night, and oh I slept well :)

Wednesday and Thursday and Friday were pretty normal. We taught our investigator Carlos every single day, and tried to teach many others, but this week, we had a ton of appointments fall through. Oh well, you just have to keep going.... 
Ah- last week, it rained (thunderstormed) EVERY SINGLE DAY. And this week, it´s been more than 100 degrees EVERY SINGLE DAY. and unfortuently, we live in a neighborhood where we had a lot of lack of water. For example, Wednesday, the water went out. Thursday, we got enough to save a couple buckets. Friday was drier than Africa. And Saturday, we took showers in the house of a member. I´m learning a lot about consumation of water. 
I´ve been thinking a lot about that one talk by president Utchdorf where he teaches to be GRATEFUL in your Circumstances. I am grateful for the little water that came out of the showerhead this morning- even if it was almost nothing and ice cold. 


Carlos was BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!
It´s been really good to teach him, and he was super excited and ready and willing and is now so happy! He will receive the gift of the holy ghost this next sunday and he told us that he is anxious to receive a calling. 
I´ve been very blessed with miracles in my mission.  

Love you all! Have a very merry Chirstmas, and family, I´ll see you this Thursday!!!!!
Sister Eliason


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