Monday, January 26, 2015


I´ve decided- Brasil is getting to be pretty celestial. You know how the celestial kingdom is compared to the light of the sun? Well here, I feel like we are almost living on the sun. haha (Let´s go sun protector and umbrella!)

This week was kind of difficult with our investigator, Sabatião. That one man I spoke about a week ago... well I guess his daughter said some things to him which made him turn very very Wishy washy, and not wanting to promise or even DO anything. He went to a baptismal interview, but refused to even say a prayer. He told us that he likes church, but doesn´t want to promise anything. Practically what he said was "you can keep visiting me, but I´m not going to progress." And well, it was very sad, but yet again, we have to let people use their free agency.

We had a 10 year old girl come to church yesterday (picked up by a member!) and to tell the truth, she LOVED sacrament meeting! What can I say? I love it too!

Guess what happened!!!! Wednesday, someone clapped at our portão and guess who it was?! SISTER COSTA AND SISTER SOLIS!!!!!!! My old companions!!!! (we were in a trio together) and they were here to do divisions (they are the sister leaders trainers!) So I spent all ay with Sister Solis and it was heaven!!!!!! I learned so much (be more persistent in the contacts and have more patience with recent converts, etc.) It´s amazing what kind of love you develop in the mission. It´s incomparable.

I believe I am understanding more clearly the significance an importance of the atonement in the mission. Every time I teach the Plan of Salvation, talk about Adam and Eve, think about repentance, I feel my testimony of the atonement grow. It makes so much sense and really was an act of true love. Love on the part of Heavenly Father and also Jesus Christ. I doubt I will ever have the capacity to understand it completely, but I am just so grateful. It gives us strength in moments when we are weak.

Out of time. Love you all tons.
Sister Eliason


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We're famous!

This week ended up being super awesome!

But first things first:



HAPPPPYYY BIRTHDAY MOM! STEPHANIE ELIASON,  you are my best friend and my best teacher and my biggest support. Thanks for EVERYTHING! Love you tons. Hope tomorrow is a very special day. <3

Ok, now let me tell why this week as so aweosme!!!!
Well one day we taught a family (first blessing!) and they were super interested. Well he mother of he mother was entering in and out of our lesson, and at one point, she old us that she goes to an evengelica church and the pastor told about us on the pulpit last Sunday. WHAT?!?! We asked for more details:
Apparently, he told about how one day during the week, 2 young mormon female missionaries clapped at his door and asked for water. One was from Portugal and the other from the United States (state of new jersey... (wrong, but whatever)) and the American had very very red cheeks! (I can´t believe he told a congregation of 100 about my cheeks!!!!!! ) Anyways, he told about how impresse he was with out dedication o be deciples of Christ. It was 100+ degrees tha afternoon, and nobody wanted to be outside, yet there we were, doing the lord´s work. 
He didn´t promote the church or anything, he jut gave an example of how we should be proactive in what we believe. 

Other AWEOMSE MIRACLE!!!! One day we talked with a man in the street named Sebastião. The next day we tauht him, and he is AMAZING. he has so much faith. he is looking for a church, a pathway, and felt lot. He told us that one day, he prayed for a light, and that day we talked with him. He has lived through an operation with a 4% survival rate, was told that his left hand would never move again, and less than 2 days, it´s moving. He is a living miracle. He came to church yesterday, and love it. We cried together during one of the talks in sacrament meeting. He told us that this is the road he wants to take in his ilfe.
He´s preparing to be baptized this week. Please pray that all goes well!

I love you all so much! Hope you are doing well!

Sister Eliason


Monday, January 12, 2015


HEYYYYY family!!!!!

This week was kind of uneventful... but HOLY COW!!!! It was SO HOT! these past couple of days it was ridiculous- and saturday night, NOBODY slept well. We were all waking up in the night because of the heat. Even with the fans fully on. Oh well, yesterday was good (I love church!!!) and in the afternoon, some investigators gave us some mangoes, so I´m pretty excited to eat them when they are ripe. And then last night, the rain came! 
OH GLORIA!!!! We yelled for delight!!! But the joy lasted for a couple minutes because it started raining SUPER HARD! And we were so blessed to be inside! But then the water started to come in under the door of the balcony.... at least we lived on the second floor- off the ground! So at least we had a head start on our weekly cleaning! Have to think positivly!

Did you know there are 852 factories that produce food and beverages here in the city of Marília? Including Nestle and Marilan, and other major Brazilian brands. Fun fact.

We taught one young couple the other day the Plan of Salvation. And I´ve never had a lesson where the investigators were so interested. They understood everything (this couple is very smart) and it was so AWESOME! I think we responded many questions that they didn´t even know they had. The only problem was that they still havn´t come to church. :/ Which is difficult. Because we are here to help people make covenants of salvation. Principally baptism. And they can´t do that until they come to church. 
and to remind all you ex-missionaries:  NO CHURCH, NO BAPTISM!

But anyways, that´s what´s been happening. I am so grateful to be here, to serve. Study your scriptures EVERY day! and PRAY! and never lose faith or hope!

Sister Eliason


Monday, January 5, 2015

2015: It´s hard to write.

I keep writing 2014- like it happens EVERY year. 

So on new years eve, we did.... nothing.  Went to bed at 10:30, but then we woke up at 11:55 to watch all the fireworks. and it was CRAZY!!!! So we live on the edge of the city, and have a balcony where we do laundry which has a view of the center of the city, so it turned out to be super AWESOME! After about 5 minutes, the fireworks died down and we went back to bed. Good thing I have earplugs- I was able to get some sleep. 

This week the water went out again; we´re back to using the last drops. And we take a shower from a bucket every day. oh well. I´m learning lots. And not just spiritual things, but things about living too. This is very good :)

There is a new sister here, and that´s always fun to see their new excitedment! Hey tyler, she´s from Rio Grande do Sul, but from Santa Maria, so you wouldn´t know her.

I´ve made some goals for this year (ok everyone does, but this is new for me) and I´m going to finish out my mission great!!!! Not that I´m counting down, but it´s going to happen this year.

Woops, out of time! ove you all!
A igreja é COM CERTEZA verdadeira! 
Sister Eliason
I didn´t get the chance last week, but I took a picture when talking to Elder Eliason on Christmas!

With a recent-convert who is well-aged- ha, she´s pretty funny :)