Monday, March 31, 2014

What´s up world!??!?

haha I like english slang. what´s up y'all? hehe
Well this week was good- still trying to help Irmã Marcia get married and Irmã Sonia quite smoking. But the highlight of the week by far was our zone conference!!! Our zone and 2 others met in the stake center and President and Sister Genaro came! oh it was wonderful!!! It was like a game booster (does that make sense?) Teaching English is fun, but sometimes you wonder about the rules. and a lot of times it´s hard to explian the rules. for example, why do we sometimes say: 
"we had given them a book." when we could just say:
"we gave them a book." 
whatever, we´re just sticking to the basics in our class...

It has started raining a lot lately- which makes the work a lot harder (there is never anyone in the street, and if there is, they don´t want to talk...) but at least it´s a little bit cooler, right?

Preston, to answer your question more fully, yes, I play the piano every sunday (and for choir too.) Actually it is really neat because the bishop´s wife (also the chorister) told me that she prayed for a pianist (the last time the ward had one was years ago and a missionary.) Well she said that I was transfered here one week after her prayer. Cool huh?!

Well I´m out of time. Love you all!!

Sister Eliason


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hey up there!

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are all doing well!!!! This week was pretty good. we only had a couple of people in church. 
Let me tell you about this one family we are trying to reactivate. The mother and her first daughter were baptized in São Paulo a lonngg time about, but when the daughter, Agatha, was 12 they moved and became inactive. Then a couple years ago, some missionaries came, reactivated the mom and a different daughter was baptized, but then something happened to the mom where she got SUPER offended by someone and refuses to go back to the ward here. (I think this is just an excuse....) but anyways, the first daughter agreed to go to church with us on sunday, but she told us this: "if I don´t feel the spirit, or I don´t like it, I will leave before it ends." THIS IS WHY I GET SO STRESSED FOR CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every sunday, I want our investigators to love it, and it´s super stressful. Well I need to trust in the Lord more and remember that his spirit is present in the Church of Jesus Christ, because Agatha stayed for all of church and said that she liked it. We just need to continue visit them...
Also, Saturday was pretty funny- first of all, a wasp got stuck in my skirt and stung me twice. Also, we made a delicious cake with one of our investigators and while it was cooking, we taught. Our investigator mentioned that she liked the story of Job, and I tried to agree with her. I tried to say that Job was always faithful (fiel), but I ended up saying that he was always ugly (feio.)  hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 
Yesterday we went to Irmã Sonia (wife of a member). She is SUPER Hard-headed and smokes HEAVILY. Well, the husband told us yesterday after church that she likes us. (ha- the only missionaries that she has liked) so he wanted us to work with her. So we visited her and just sat and laughed and strengthened our relationship. Then we were very frank and invited her to baptism. She´s not opposed to baptism, but she doesn´t want to stop smoking and doesn´t think she can. But after 20-30 minutes of persevering, she said that she would try to not smoke until lunch of today. This is HUGE!!! She has NEVER tried to stop before. We will visit her later tonight. 

Well this work is going and moving, and I´m praying for miracles every day. I know the lord will strengthen us. BE THE EXAMPLE!!!!! I´m so grateful for the savior´s example!

Much love,
Sister Eliason

Monday, March 17, 2014

WOOPS... This is the real message

Sorry about that last message- I accidentally sent it.

So now, First things first:
Congratulations Nicole VATH on your MARRIAGE!!! Can´t believe it!!!
Also, congratulations Elder Brandon Serino who finally got his visa and made it to RUSSIA! That is AWESOME!!!

This week was pretty good. had some ups, had some downs. Yesterday we had 10 investigators in church (all time best (for sister Finlinson too!)) and the other sisters had a bunch come too. Normally we have about 110 people on a good day in attendance, but yesterday we had a little over 130! (and to answer your question mom- officially there are about 500 members.)

Our biggest problem is this: most of our investigators are not unmarried couples (because it is extremely expensive to legally marry) or are under the age of 16. (We have a new rule that we can´t baptize anyone under 16 unless they have a close relative already a member. I am trying to figure out WHY this rule exists, because so far, it only has stopped baptisms from happening. 
Also, we have this investigator, who was doing really well. We taught him with a recent convert, and it seemed that they became friends. but... apparently, the convert started talking with him and told him that all the missionaries want to do is throw people into the water. AGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so this great investigator called us up and told us he doesn't want to investigate anymore. Well, we were in a nearby city (teaching other investigators) when he called, so we called the other sisters still here in Sarandi, and they went to his house and answered his questions/doubts, and saved him. wow, super stressful. We talked to him several times since, and I think he´s ok.

But this week was good. We talked to the mother of Maicol (recent baptism) and asked her if she wanted to be baptized (even though she´s not officially married.) This was her response: YES! Of course I want to be baptized!!! But I´m not married! And every time I talk to my husband (inactive member) he says we don´t have the money! But then he goes and drinks and wastes all of the money!
So good and bad. good that she has a firm desire to get married and baptized. Bad because they aren´t married and the husband doesn´t care and wastes all the money on booze.

other notes:
- I made french toast this morning. The other sisters think we americans are amazing chefs! (hah just dip bread in egg/milk substance and you are a good chef!)
- We are not allowed to drink coke. Other sodas yes, but just not coke.
- WE are all staying in the same area this transfer. yay 6 more weeks!
- What is your favorite general conference talk? (to everyone!)
- People still can´t understand what I´m saying sometimes.
-We met a man on the street who was CRAZYYYY. WE were talking about how we are missionaries, and he wanted to hear a message. I pulled out my Book of Mormon and asked if he had heard about it. Immediately he started SCREAMING about how the Devil wrote this book and that it is evil evil evil. His pastor once held up this book and cut it in quarters with a knife! He even grabbed the book out of my hands and I thought he was about to throw it on the ground. 
Ha, I interrupted him, and took the book back and bore the firmest testimony of my life about this book. I think it was actually a good moment for me.
-HAPPY St. Patrick´s day! I forgot about that... I will have to change to wear something green...
- my time is up!

Love you all!!! This work is true!!!
Sister Eliason

Monday, March 10, 2014

Staying Strong

HELLO MY DEAR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!  Guess what? I hit my 4 month mark! And I´m finishing up my training this week- and as part of the training, the last week I am giving the cellular. Yup. Just when you think you can start to almost understand what people are saying, they hand you a cell phone (which is like 3 times as hard to understand.) I had my first conversation with an investigator on the cell the other day- about 5 minutes. I was so happy, I almost cried. (not really, but you get the picture.)

Anyways, the work is going. We ALMOST had a baptism. I´ll explain. Our investigator´s name is Wagner (pronounced Vagner)  (about 25 or 30) and he was suuper interested. We handed him a Book of Mormon, and marked a day to pass by. Well, he came to church LAST sunday, and when we went to his house to teach him later, he had a bijillion questions. Good questions too.  Anyways, he is eating up the Book of Mormon. One night when we called to see how he is doing with keeping the commandments and reading, he told us that he read 40 pages of the Book of Mormon. 40 PAGES!!!!  And as of yesterday, he was in the middle of Alma. He had a baptismal interview Saturday (which lasted and hour and a half!!!) He wants to be baptized but he wants to tell his mom first (who is a devout Catholic.) And the other problem is that he is basically in love with Sister Finlinson. Like he wants to date her when she finishes her mission (and he even asked about marriage!) soooooooo basically we have to make sure he´s doing this for Himself, and not just to please her.

Speaking of Sister Finlinson, we had a conference call with our zone yesterday, and they told us that in our next transfer (next week) NOBODY is being transferred!! So I am still with Sister Finlinson. 3 transfers is a longggg time with one person. She said she´s necer been with anyone for 3 transfers. It´s a good thing I like her. haha 

hmmmm highlights of this week:
-We went to teach a man this week who´s house is behind another (common here. called "fundos") well he didn´t tell us this, so when we showed up (DOWN POURING) we saw a woman in the front house, and she invited us in. After talking to her for a little while, we asked where this man was, and she told us that he lives in back. So we went to talk to him, and he was furious with us. So mad that we were late and that we were talking with his enemies." He refused to listen to us more. 
-We taught a family of 3 sisters (only 2 were there) and they ended up making dinner for us. People here are really giving.
- One night I had a dream about a woman (wife of a member) who we were going to lunch the next day. She smokes heavily and has almost no desire to quit. She has gone to church in the past but doesn´t feel like it is very important. Aslo, she has a fear of leaving the house. Many missionaries in the past have taught her but have had little to no success. Anyays, I talked to sis. Finlinson that morning in our Weekly Planning, and I told her that I had a dream about this woman. Then Sis Finlinson looked at me and told me that SHE had a dream about this woman too. We didn´t have the same dream, but I felt impressed to share this experience with her when we went to lunch. Oh man, the spirit was strong, but she didn´t show any signs of emotion. (she´s one tough cookie!!!!!!!!!) but when we got to church on sunday, she was there with her granddaughter, siting in RElief Society. 
It´s hard when we don´t have baptisms- like I feel like I´m not a good missionary. But It´s experiences like these when I remember that I am here to help others come unto Christ.

Vale a pena! (It´s worth it!)

Love you all, hope you have a wonderful week!

Sister Eliason 

batism of Maicol!

loving Sarandi!

Sister Solis ( of Paraguay)  and I

son of a member and I

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy for you! 

So- this week was CRAZY!!!! 

Tuesday we had our district meeting then went to a different city, Maringalva, (still in our area) for lunch. Then we traveled to the next city, Maraguií, (still in our area) to teach a woman who came to church. Well she LOVES us, and she baked a cake for us!!!! Our problem is that she´s not married and still likes her church. 
When we returned to Sarandi we had our English class which went WAYYY better than the first time. Ha- we taught head, shoulders, knees, and toes. Everyone liked that. 
(side note- I´m teaching english to one of the missionaries here who is from Paraguay. This is her testimony: I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know the Church is true. I know God loves me, and only me. 
hahahaha! Also, we were at lunch one day and saw the members had the movie "the emporer´s new grove" and learned that Sister Solis likes the movie too. So I´m teaching her a line in english that maybe is applicable: "It´s a good thing you´re not a big fat guy, or this would be realllllly  difficult!" haha I´m a good english teacher)

Thursday we ate tapioka. SO GOOD. oh and we taught lessons and saved souls. And when we taught one family, we arrived and they were making a cake for us.

Friday was suuuper interesting. It started out normal with weekly planning, then when we vistited some investigators, they wanted to give us stuff. They LOVE us! So they gave us food, then the wife gave us some landarie (sp??) that she made! I tried to tell her that I was fine and didn´t need anything, but she got SUPER offeneded, and that´s how I ended up with landarie in my bag. Well then we went to Maicol´s house, taught a little- prep for his baptism- Then we taught some new investigators the Restoration, and the wife bawled. It was truely spiritual. We invited her to say a pray with us there, and it was the sweetest pray I´ve heard.  then we vistited some old investigators. Well they love us too and }I about died when the mother pulled out a bag and gave us some (duh duh duh.....) landarie!!!! She made it too! WHY IN THE WORLD IS EVERYONE GIVING US UNDERWEAR?!!?!? 

Saturday we had a BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!  Maicol was baptized! And yesterday, Sunday, he was confirmed!

Yesterday we taught a man who was SUPER interested. We gave him a Book of Mormon the week before and he read all the parts we marked for him, Nefi, Jacob, And Omni. By himself!!! He even accepted the baptismal date for this next sunday. He just has a problem with the Law of Chastity. (This is extremely hard right now too because of Carnival. Carnival is pretty much the worst thing ever- created by Satan so people can´t get baptized.)
oh and he made us a cake too. I´m not kidding when I say I will gain weight here!

Anyways, I´´m  out of time!
Love you all!

Sister Eliason