Monday, November 24, 2014

Living on a prayer.... and mangos :)

What´s the best thing when you are a poor missionary? FREE MANGOES!!!!! Seriously- It´s mango season! And mangoes are falling from the trees on the side of the road like rain, so not only do we pick the mangoes ourselves, but everyone is giving some to us :))))) I love mangos :)

This week was pretty good- I LOVE my new companion!!!!! SISTER MOREIRA!!!! From Portugal!!!!!!! (Porto, Portugal) She reminds me of cousin Catherine!

So Luis was confirmed yesterday, and he´s doing so well! Every day we visit him, he´s telling us about how he´s feeling stronger. It´s slow, but it´s coming and he´s seeing and feeling the change. THIS IS THE MIRACLE OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! 

This week was pretty uneventful and far as exciting things go- we got some references from members, and it rained a ton, but we have high spirits!

Sorry if I don´t write a ton- I really am having a ton of spiritual experiences and feeling my heavenly father´s love every day. I usually like to write about interesting things that happen throughout the week...

But good news- Sister Genaro ( the mission president´s wife, who is in charge of all things medical) she marked a new appointment for me in Londrina to see a nerve specialist. I´m excited!!!!!! For londrina. And to see if they can figure out what´s wrong. Ok- I have to stop writing- I would be in a ton of trouble if the other doctor saw how much I wrote right now...

Love you all!!!!
Sister Eliason

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