Monday, January 27, 2014


What a week! It was pretty good. I´ll just start with what is on my mind: Remember Anderson, the person that was baptized last week but never came to church, well...... HE CAME THIS WEEK!!!!!!! And he was confirmed, so yes, He received the gift of the Holy Ghost! Woooohooooooo!!!!!! Oh I´m so happy! It was such a good experience too- he was confirmed at the front of the chapel, and when he came back down and sat next to us, he said that he got goosebumps. What a tender mercy! I´m so glad to be involved with this work, even though it is really hard sometimes. 
Also, Saturday night we had a church activity that us missionaries were in charge of. We did the Iron Rod activity where everyone is blindfolded and they have to hold onto a rope. Meanwhile, they have the Holy Ghost at their side helping them, and occasionaly the Devil will come and try to persuade them to let go. I thought it went really well. However, I guess it was poorly announced because only like 20 people were there. And these people were the people that had choir Right before the activity. 
Speaking of choir- it´s reallllllly interesting and slightly humorous. The missionaries were asked to participate in choir because if we´re not there, the women are shy about singing. The problem is I literally think that being tone-deaf is genetic here, especially for males. like half of the men in the choir are tone-deaf. However, at least they know how to pronounce the words correctly... haha
Other than that, this week was pretty normal. Which is good. I can echo Elder Eliason´s words about the weather, especially since he´s only like 400 miles south of me. So yeah, it was HOTTTTTT then massive storm, then HOT!!!  

Random story- This week we were teaching a lesson, and this woman´s pet chicken wandered in, started pecking at some bugs on the ground, then fell asleep. I realized that the weird thing is that this was totally normal- it wasn´t weird at all. hahahaha! 

Thank you so much for all your love and prayers! Share the gospel this week!!!! It´s so important. People´s salvation is on the line! Just think about it- you can change someone´s SALVATION! 

Com amor,
Sister Eliason

p.s. tyler, why the heck are you sleeping on the floor? You should have a mattress... and I thought you bought yourself a hammock too...
p.p.s. CONGRATULATIONS SISTER CHLOE ANDERSON ON YOUR MISSION CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oi tudo mundo!

First things first:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I consider it a tender mercy to write to you on your birthday! I hope your day is filled with lots of chocolate covered almonds and apple pie :)
Second: HAPPY HALF-BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY TANNER!!!! It´s official- you are now 17 1/2 years old. (haha I almost said "you have 17 1/2 years")

This week was really good, and a little hard on the stomach... Hey Elder Eliason, I just about laughed at your letter because you said the same thing! 
But really, so this is what happened: Friday night we went to a house where the wife is a member but the husband isn't. And he has questions. A TON about the church. And he knows the Bible better than anyone else I know. And he loves to pick on the new missionaries. So we get there, and the fisrt thing he does is sit us down and starts pounding me with questions. Questions like:
-In Isaiah 4:1 it talks about 7 women for 1 man. Why is this? Why is this allowed? I only have one wife, and I don't want anymore. 
-What are the three places in the Bible where it says that a member has to pay tithing?
-Where in the Bible does it talk about Joseph Smith?
-Where are the gold plates now? 
-Exactly how many wise men were there that visited Jesus? Where in the bible does it say?
His argument was "you were born in the church, so you have 19 years of studying. You should know all these answers..." 
Then, we sat down for dinner, and had some juice. Now, I've drunk more juice here than probably my whole life, and a lot of times, I don't even know what kind, but this time, when I drank, it was SOO BITTER. It stung my throat and it was everything I could do to not spit it out. My mind was racing to figure out what it was. Then the husband said, oh yeah, this is ONION JUICE!!!!!!!! OH. MY. WORD. It was seriously the worst thing I've ever drunk in my whole life. But, I saw all the other missionaries drink it, so I sucked it up, and finished my glass. Then they said, "oh yeah, you have lunch with us again on Sunday." I wanted to cry.
We were at the church on Sunday greeting people, and this husband and wife showed up. It turns out, they are super active, and were just playing with me. They like to tease all the new missionaries! It turns out, everyone else had LIME juice while I had onion. And they were doing everything they could to not laugh at me. When we returned yesterday for lunch, we had churrasco. MMMMMMMM SOOO GOOD!

Well, the work this week. It was pretty good. So we called one of our investigators on Thursday to see if he still wanted to continue and if he was serious. Well he said, "I've been thinking, and I want to be baptized." WHAT?! Awesome! So, we set up an interview the next day. He passed, and in the interview, they set up his baptismal date for the next day, Saturday. So we had a BAPTISM on Saturday!!!!! It was so wonderful! SO wonderful. But... he didn't come to church on Sunday. yeah. So he never received the Gift of the Holy Ghost- that which seals his covenant. Oh it broke my heart! We will try to work hard this week with him, so he will come to church this next sunday and receive the holy ghost then. I'm praying for him in all my prayers. 

This work is so important, and I am just so grateful to be a part of it. I know the Lord blesses us when we are weak and he makes us strong. 

I love you all, and hope you have an amazing week!

Com amor,
Sister Eliason

P.S. Mom- Tyler is right, Brazilians usually don't use any seasonings- just salt.
P.P.S. THANK YOU for the super bowl update- GO DENVER BRONCOS!
Batismo!!!  Anderson

My city! Compo Morão!

My Comp and I on P-Day

This adorable girl, Julia. Not the best pic of me, but she was so cute (and was wearing fake vampire teeth.)   

Monday, January 13, 2014


HEY EVEYRONE!!! How is it going in the USA?? Sharing your testimonies?!? YEAH!

This week was tough, not going to lie. It started out pretty good. WE had some good lessons. WE did a lot of finding this week and taught the Restoration a bunch. I always love teaching about it. And I'm getting more comfortable talking to people on the street. One of my highlights of this week was when we ran into a recent-convert who is semi-active on Saturday. Of course we invited him to come to church, and he was really hesitant: 
him:no, I have to work..
me:what time?
him: 1-9
me:perfect! You can come to church first!!
him: no way- I'm working late tonight!
me: you don't need sleep... you´ll be fine!
him: AHH I need sleep!
me: nah- church is more important...

It went on like that for a little while. Anyways, I was so excited because I actually had a conversation with someone and I didn't need the help of my companion.  And GUESS WHAT?! HE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!!! 
And a good thing too because no one else came. 

Saturday was undoubtedly the hardest day of my mission so far. We had a baptismal interview planned for a man, Anderson, but apparently he forgot. We called him, and he said he would come, but then he wouldn't. So we called again. Same thing happened. WE ended up waiting almost 4 hours because he kept saying he would come but he never did! AHH! We feel so good about him! He has had spiritual experiences, and read part of the Book of Mormon without us even asking him to. He doesn't drink or smoke (WHAT?!!?) and said he will stop drinking coffee. And he live the law of Chastity. Soo it's really frustrating that he forgot... and then he didn't come to church yesterday because he forgot to tell us that he had work. so we have to wait a couple more weeks before he can be baptized.

Well after we waited for forever, we went to an appointment (and a recent convert came with us) so we were really excited. buuuut our appointment wasn't there. And so was our back-up. And a lot of people we talked to in the streets weren't interested. When we got back to the apartment, we called our investigators to remind them about church the next morning, and one woman we felt so good about and had high hopes for, well she said that her husband doesnt want her to investigate the church anymore. AGGGGG!!! I think my heart broke. Seriously, I was so sad. I was just ready for the day to be over. BUT at about 10:15, we got a call asking us to give talks the next day in church. And of course in Portuguese. So yesterday I gave a talk! I guess I forgot I speak a lot slower in Portuguese than in English because my talk ended up being 15 min. Afterwards a bunch of members told me congratulations and then corrected my portuguese. ha

This week, I have decided, will be better! YAY! I know that this is the Lord's work, and HE will help us when we are trying our best. This gives me a lot of comfort. I know this is His church, and I know that I am supposed to be here in Brazil right now. 

I love you all!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have an amazing week!

Sister Eliason
P.S. I got your Christmas cards this week (at zone conference!) And I want to give a special shout-out to the Moore family. Thank you for including me in your Christmas letter.... :) "Starving College students try to eat small children" That made me laugh!

Monday, January 6, 2014


OI MINHA FAMILIA E MEUS AMIGOS!!!! AMO VOCÊS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week... well, I´ll just start with what´s on my mind. I'm a little frustrated because all the people who said that they were going to go to church never came. If only they knew how important keeping their commitments is!! Because when people keep their commitments, they are THAT much closer and more prepared to make and keep covenants with God! And I just want them to have that happiness in their lives! 
Everything we do is for our investigators (everyone.) When we study, we study what we teach and how we can apply what we teach for them- so their lives can improve and so they can draw closer to our Heavenly Father. 

Anyways, something AWESOME that happened yesterday though, was when a family who was baptized 25 years ago, but hasn't been to church in 15 YEARS, came to church yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, it was so great! It was really amazing too, to see some of the branch members remember them, and give them great big hugs! Really- it reminded me of the Prodigal Son. It was a tender mercy for me to see that happen. 

We fasted this week (Fast sunday), and honestly it seems like every time we fast, we fast on the HOTTEST DAYS!!! It's really difficult, but it's worth it. And when we fast, miracles happen. A little sacrifice on our part, but MAJOR blessings!

For new year's, we honestly didn't do much. We went to a members house and had churrasco (I think that's how you spell it). Anyways, SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOD!

So this morning, I woke up with an absured amount of bug bites. I have 16 new bug bites on my arms. (11 on the left and 5 on the right) and 7 on my face!!!!!!!!!! It's kind of embarrassing.

 I am 99% sure that I slept with a mesquito last night.... yeah, I washed my sheets this morning. It takes a TON of self control to not itch. I have to think to not itch pretty much every other second. It gives me more understanding of how people with addictions try to overcome their addiction. Really- it's a minute by minute process/decision.

Well, I love you all!!! Share your testimony with someone this week! If you don't know with whom, pray for an experience. I promise God will help you have an experience... after all, it is HIS work.

Sister Eliason
P.S. Congratulations Sister Ashley Ludwig on your mission call!!!
P.P.S. Congratulations Sister McKenzie Toma on Your mission call!!!
P.P.P.S. Congratulations Liahona on your engagement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (AH!)
P.P.P.P.S. Congratulations Sister Messick on your new marriage!!! (What do I call you now?)
P.P.P.P.P.S. I love you.
Christmas Pomegranate

Funny Sign!

New Year's Cake the District Leaders Brought Over