Monday, March 31, 2014

What´s up world!??!?

haha I like english slang. what´s up y'all? hehe
Well this week was good- still trying to help Irmã Marcia get married and Irmã Sonia quite smoking. But the highlight of the week by far was our zone conference!!! Our zone and 2 others met in the stake center and President and Sister Genaro came! oh it was wonderful!!! It was like a game booster (does that make sense?) Teaching English is fun, but sometimes you wonder about the rules. and a lot of times it´s hard to explian the rules. for example, why do we sometimes say: 
"we had given them a book." when we could just say:
"we gave them a book." 
whatever, we´re just sticking to the basics in our class...

It has started raining a lot lately- which makes the work a lot harder (there is never anyone in the street, and if there is, they don´t want to talk...) but at least it´s a little bit cooler, right?

Preston, to answer your question more fully, yes, I play the piano every sunday (and for choir too.) Actually it is really neat because the bishop´s wife (also the chorister) told me that she prayed for a pianist (the last time the ward had one was years ago and a missionary.) Well she said that I was transfered here one week after her prayer. Cool huh?!

Well I´m out of time. Love you all!!

Sister Eliason


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