Saturday, April 12, 2014

Switching it up!!

Hey everyone!!! Sorry I don´t have a lot of time- we have emergency transfers today, and what do you know, my companion is being transferred! after 4 months of 24/7, Sister Finlinson and I are being separated!!!!! AHHHHHH! :( not cool. (we only have a little time before she needs to go.) But guess what, nobody is coming to take her place, so I will be in a trio with the other sisters here in Sarandi. It will be interesting to learn from them, and also to not have anybody next to me to translate. Also, I´ve never been in a trio. 

Anyways, CONFERÉNCIA GERAL DE PODER!!!!!!!!  (trans: General Conference of Power!! Meaning- it pretty much was the best thing ever.) All those who don´t know, General Conference is a meeting transmitted all around the world where we get to listen to a PROPHET  and Apostles of God to us.) Yeah, well it was being transmitted to the stake center in Maringá (Sarandi is a suburb of the city Maringá) but our ride Saturday morning got a flat tire, so we ended up being half and hour late. And do you know who we missed listening to? Elder Jeffery R. Holland. I think I will try to print out his talk here in a bit, because I was obviously disappointed I missed it. Anyways, we watched the first session with everyone in Portuguese, but after it ended, some other American missionaries found us and asked why we didn´t listen to it in English with them in the other room. 
So all the other sessions we watched in English, which was fabulous because I could actually understand everything. Não verdade, I actually understood more than I thought I would in Portuguese, but it´s not the same. 

It was also really cool because the other Sisters had a baptism inbetween the sessions on Saturday. And do you know who spoke last in the morning session on Saturday? Elder Henry B. Eyring, who spoke about the magnificence of baptism. All the doubts of this investigator were calmed right before he was baptized. It is really amazing to see the tender mercies of the Lord.  

I know the Heavenly Father really loves us. He lives, and so does his son, Jesus Christ. I think sometimes the most powerful testimonies are simple. They are testimonies of the pure doctrine of Christ. I absolutely loved Elder D. Todd Christofferson´s talk, because to me, it was a 15 minute testimony of Jesus Christ. Ah, I love it! Please, this week, share your testimony of Jesus Christ with someone. He is what matters most. He should be what we think about all the time, because without him, life is pointless. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior.

I love you all!!

Much love, 
Sister Eliason

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