Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hey up there!

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are all doing well!!!! This week was pretty good. we only had a couple of people in church. 
Let me tell you about this one family we are trying to reactivate. The mother and her first daughter were baptized in São Paulo a lonngg time about, but when the daughter, Agatha, was 12 they moved and became inactive. Then a couple years ago, some missionaries came, reactivated the mom and a different daughter was baptized, but then something happened to the mom where she got SUPER offended by someone and refuses to go back to the ward here. (I think this is just an excuse....) but anyways, the first daughter agreed to go to church with us on sunday, but she told us this: "if I don´t feel the spirit, or I don´t like it, I will leave before it ends." THIS IS WHY I GET SO STRESSED FOR CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every sunday, I want our investigators to love it, and it´s super stressful. Well I need to trust in the Lord more and remember that his spirit is present in the Church of Jesus Christ, because Agatha stayed for all of church and said that she liked it. We just need to continue visit them...
Also, Saturday was pretty funny- first of all, a wasp got stuck in my skirt and stung me twice. Also, we made a delicious cake with one of our investigators and while it was cooking, we taught. Our investigator mentioned that she liked the story of Job, and I tried to agree with her. I tried to say that Job was always faithful (fiel), but I ended up saying that he was always ugly (feio.)  hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 
Yesterday we went to Irmã Sonia (wife of a member). She is SUPER Hard-headed and smokes HEAVILY. Well, the husband told us yesterday after church that she likes us. (ha- the only missionaries that she has liked) so he wanted us to work with her. So we visited her and just sat and laughed and strengthened our relationship. Then we were very frank and invited her to baptism. She´s not opposed to baptism, but she doesn´t want to stop smoking and doesn´t think she can. But after 20-30 minutes of persevering, she said that she would try to not smoke until lunch of today. This is HUGE!!! She has NEVER tried to stop before. We will visit her later tonight. 

Well this work is going and moving, and I´m praying for miracles every day. I know the lord will strengthen us. BE THE EXAMPLE!!!!! I´m so grateful for the savior´s example!

Much love,
Sister Eliason

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