Monday, March 17, 2014

WOOPS... This is the real message

Sorry about that last message- I accidentally sent it.

So now, First things first:
Congratulations Nicole VATH on your MARRIAGE!!! Can´t believe it!!!
Also, congratulations Elder Brandon Serino who finally got his visa and made it to RUSSIA! That is AWESOME!!!

This week was pretty good. had some ups, had some downs. Yesterday we had 10 investigators in church (all time best (for sister Finlinson too!)) and the other sisters had a bunch come too. Normally we have about 110 people on a good day in attendance, but yesterday we had a little over 130! (and to answer your question mom- officially there are about 500 members.)

Our biggest problem is this: most of our investigators are not unmarried couples (because it is extremely expensive to legally marry) or are under the age of 16. (We have a new rule that we can´t baptize anyone under 16 unless they have a close relative already a member. I am trying to figure out WHY this rule exists, because so far, it only has stopped baptisms from happening. 
Also, we have this investigator, who was doing really well. We taught him with a recent convert, and it seemed that they became friends. but... apparently, the convert started talking with him and told him that all the missionaries want to do is throw people into the water. AGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so this great investigator called us up and told us he doesn't want to investigate anymore. Well, we were in a nearby city (teaching other investigators) when he called, so we called the other sisters still here in Sarandi, and they went to his house and answered his questions/doubts, and saved him. wow, super stressful. We talked to him several times since, and I think he´s ok.

But this week was good. We talked to the mother of Maicol (recent baptism) and asked her if she wanted to be baptized (even though she´s not officially married.) This was her response: YES! Of course I want to be baptized!!! But I´m not married! And every time I talk to my husband (inactive member) he says we don´t have the money! But then he goes and drinks and wastes all of the money!
So good and bad. good that she has a firm desire to get married and baptized. Bad because they aren´t married and the husband doesn´t care and wastes all the money on booze.

other notes:
- I made french toast this morning. The other sisters think we americans are amazing chefs! (hah just dip bread in egg/milk substance and you are a good chef!)
- We are not allowed to drink coke. Other sodas yes, but just not coke.
- WE are all staying in the same area this transfer. yay 6 more weeks!
- What is your favorite general conference talk? (to everyone!)
- People still can´t understand what I´m saying sometimes.
-We met a man on the street who was CRAZYYYY. WE were talking about how we are missionaries, and he wanted to hear a message. I pulled out my Book of Mormon and asked if he had heard about it. Immediately he started SCREAMING about how the Devil wrote this book and that it is evil evil evil. His pastor once held up this book and cut it in quarters with a knife! He even grabbed the book out of my hands and I thought he was about to throw it on the ground. 
Ha, I interrupted him, and took the book back and bore the firmest testimony of my life about this book. I think it was actually a good moment for me.
-HAPPY St. Patrick´s day! I forgot about that... I will have to change to wear something green...
- my time is up!

Love you all!!! This work is true!!!
Sister Eliason

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