Friday, February 6, 2015

I lack creativity.

I lack creativity to put a clever phrase as the subject line, so you´ll just have to bare with me.

Some very awesome things happened this week. 
First off, we had interviews with Presidente Genaro, and oh my goodness, how in the world did i get so blessed with the best mission president in the world? He knew exactly what I needed to hear, and I KNOW he is inspired. While in the MTC, an apostle (I think elder Cook) said that most missionaries are assigned to our missions because we need to learn something from our mission presidents. All in all, I am very very very blessed. It´s been awesome because I´m receiving his guidence 4 days in a row!
Sat- Stake conference
Sun- Stake conference again
today- letter from the president

I just want to brag a little about the ward in which I am now serving. I´ve noticed that this ward has a VERY VERY strong young man program, and I found out the other day why. Every sunday immediately after church, the leaders gather with the quorems (sp?) and see which young men didn´t come that day. Then the leader takes the class (of the deacons or teachers or whoever he is in charge of) and the whole class goes and visits the young men who didn´t come. Imagine, 3 or 4 of your friends come visit you and ask why you didn´t come. Let´s just say it´s effective. And AWESOME!

Oh family- I got your Christmas card... and I´m disappointed that it wasn´t the super goofy photo you sent to me. But I did laugh when I saw that preston´s name was spelled wrong.

Today, Sister Nascimento (who lives with us) cut my hair!!!! Not a whole lot, just trimmed it. 

Hope you are all doing well. Keep safe!
Always do what´s right, even when others around you are not. It´s difficult, but it´s how we learn to be more like Christ.

Love you all- praying for you every day.
Sister Eliason


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