Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Morangos (strawberries)


no, we havn´t been eating lots of strawberries. Just that I´m back in the Zone Moranguira (nickname: Zona morango.) My first two areas were in this same zone (campo mourão and Sarandi) and now we sisters opened an area in the Moranguia Ward. And I´m thinking that I´ll probably have my last transfer here, so that will make exactly 9 months in this zone. For those counting at home, that´s half my mission.
Good thing I like this area.
But what´s even better than my new area is my new compaion! Sister Garcia is from the interior of the state of Rio de Janeiro. SHE IS AWESOME!!!!!!! She is super kind and hard working. She teaches very well and I´m always learning something from her.  I feel like we work well together, and I´m super happy to be her companion!

Good news and Bad news. I´ll start with the bad news. 

Bad news: we moved into a house where 6 elders last lived. It was disgusting. Very Very Very disgusting. We spent 2 whole days cleaning it, and 5 hours of our precious p-day today. It´s really sad because I lost a little of respect for elders. And what´s worse is that our Zone leaders lived there last, and when we talked to them, they told us that it was clean, it was fine. Apparently they didn´t see all the cockroaches or spiders. Well we sisters certainly have grown close cleaning this house!

Good news: We met a woman and 2 of her children and they came to church yesterday!!!!!!!! Her name is Marisa, and although she smokes, she is completing her goals to stop. We are helping her. Funny story: yesterday in church, all the young women were at stake camp (all 2 of them) and we brought one of the daughters, Vitória (12) to church. So the two young women leaders taught a lesson especially for her. We went too, so she wasn´t alone. Now if it were me in this situation, I would think that it was a little weird: two adult women giving just me a lesson... but Vitória LOVED it! She thought it was AWESOME that he got her own personal lesson. She´s excited to be baptized! :) 
I love teaching this family. They are really progressing, and when Marisa prayed for the first time, she cried. There is something so sweet and sincere about an investigator´s first prayer. I love it so much.

That´s it until later!!! Love ya all!!!!!
Sister Eliason
my companion

the house

the zone

we made soft tacos!

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