Monday, January 26, 2015


I´ve decided- Brasil is getting to be pretty celestial. You know how the celestial kingdom is compared to the light of the sun? Well here, I feel like we are almost living on the sun. haha (Let´s go sun protector and umbrella!)

This week was kind of difficult with our investigator, Sabatião. That one man I spoke about a week ago... well I guess his daughter said some things to him which made him turn very very Wishy washy, and not wanting to promise or even DO anything. He went to a baptismal interview, but refused to even say a prayer. He told us that he likes church, but doesn´t want to promise anything. Practically what he said was "you can keep visiting me, but I´m not going to progress." And well, it was very sad, but yet again, we have to let people use their free agency.

We had a 10 year old girl come to church yesterday (picked up by a member!) and to tell the truth, she LOVED sacrament meeting! What can I say? I love it too!

Guess what happened!!!! Wednesday, someone clapped at our portão and guess who it was?! SISTER COSTA AND SISTER SOLIS!!!!!!! My old companions!!!! (we were in a trio together) and they were here to do divisions (they are the sister leaders trainers!) So I spent all ay with Sister Solis and it was heaven!!!!!! I learned so much (be more persistent in the contacts and have more patience with recent converts, etc.) It´s amazing what kind of love you develop in the mission. It´s incomparable.

I believe I am understanding more clearly the significance an importance of the atonement in the mission. Every time I teach the Plan of Salvation, talk about Adam and Eve, think about repentance, I feel my testimony of the atonement grow. It makes so much sense and really was an act of true love. Love on the part of Heavenly Father and also Jesus Christ. I doubt I will ever have the capacity to understand it completely, but I am just so grateful. It gives us strength in moments when we are weak.

Out of time. Love you all tons.
Sister Eliason


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