Monday, February 23, 2015

starting over

Let´s just say that I'm super jealous that Elder Tanner Eliason received lindt chocolate balls and peanut butter in a package. I got a bag full of garlic salt...

But mom, don't worry, I know you still love me.

This week was insane!!!!!!!!! But it´s a wonderful thing that my companion is a hard worker.
Although it was our 2nd week here, it felt like our first- we are still getting to know the area, the members, still cleaning the house, still finding cockroaches, and still struggling to find progressing investigators.

We had a call this week saying that we are going to break a record, so we were all asked to do 150 quality contacts before Friday. Then teach all day Friday and saturday.   so we did 67 contacts on Wednesday and 59 on Thursday. And it rained alll day both days. And my poor companion got super sick on wed (cough, cold, and low fever), so we went to the 24 hour clinic friday then headed off to teach all day! It's a really good plan, but didn't go too well on Saturday because most of our 8 appointments either weren´t home or the house didn´t exist. 

Vitória (12 year old) went to church yesterday and although had to leave before YW, really liked it. Unfortunately her mother, who went the week before, has turned really wishy-washy and just wants to argue with us about coffee. But when we went to teach Vitória last night, we had a super spiritual lesson about the restoration. And when we told her that we had a living-day profet, she got super happy and couldn´t stop smiling. And me too. It was a super happy and spiritual lesson, and when we said the closing prayer, she cried. AHHHHHH!!!!!  so good :) 

sorry fam, I´m all out of time. love you all! The church is true! If you pray with real intent, Heavenly Father will answer.

Sister Eliason

huge leaves


My feet after a day in the rain

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