Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We're famous!

This week ended up being super awesome!

But first things first:



HAPPPPYYY BIRTHDAY MOM! STEPHANIE ELIASON,  you are my best friend and my best teacher and my biggest support. Thanks for EVERYTHING! Love you tons. Hope tomorrow is a very special day. <3

Ok, now let me tell why this week as so aweosme!!!!
Well one day we taught a family (first blessing!) and they were super interested. Well he mother of he mother was entering in and out of our lesson, and at one point, she old us that she goes to an evengelica church and the pastor told about us on the pulpit last Sunday. WHAT?!?! We asked for more details:
Apparently, he told about how one day during the week, 2 young mormon female missionaries clapped at his door and asked for water. One was from Portugal and the other from the United States (state of new jersey... (wrong, but whatever)) and the American had very very red cheeks! (I can´t believe he told a congregation of 100 about my cheeks!!!!!! ) Anyways, he told about how impresse he was with out dedication o be deciples of Christ. It was 100+ degrees tha afternoon, and nobody wanted to be outside, yet there we were, doing the lord´s work. 
He didn´t promote the church or anything, he jut gave an example of how we should be proactive in what we believe. 

Other AWEOMSE MIRACLE!!!! One day we talked with a man in the street named Sebastião. The next day we tauht him, and he is AMAZING. he has so much faith. he is looking for a church, a pathway, and felt lot. He told us that one day, he prayed for a light, and that day we talked with him. He has lived through an operation with a 4% survival rate, was told that his left hand would never move again, and less than 2 days, it´s moving. He is a living miracle. He came to church yesterday, and love it. We cried together during one of the talks in sacrament meeting. He told us that this is the road he wants to take in his ilfe.
He´s preparing to be baptized this week. Please pray that all goes well!

I love you all so much! Hope you are doing well!

Sister Eliason


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