Monday, January 12, 2015


HEYYYYY family!!!!!

This week was kind of uneventful... but HOLY COW!!!! It was SO HOT! these past couple of days it was ridiculous- and saturday night, NOBODY slept well. We were all waking up in the night because of the heat. Even with the fans fully on. Oh well, yesterday was good (I love church!!!) and in the afternoon, some investigators gave us some mangoes, so I´m pretty excited to eat them when they are ripe. And then last night, the rain came! 
OH GLORIA!!!! We yelled for delight!!! But the joy lasted for a couple minutes because it started raining SUPER HARD! And we were so blessed to be inside! But then the water started to come in under the door of the balcony.... at least we lived on the second floor- off the ground! So at least we had a head start on our weekly cleaning! Have to think positivly!

Did you know there are 852 factories that produce food and beverages here in the city of MarĂ­lia? Including Nestle and Marilan, and other major Brazilian brands. Fun fact.

We taught one young couple the other day the Plan of Salvation. And I´ve never had a lesson where the investigators were so interested. They understood everything (this couple is very smart) and it was so AWESOME! I think we responded many questions that they didn´t even know they had. The only problem was that they still havn´t come to church. :/ Which is difficult. Because we are here to help people make covenants of salvation. Principally baptism. And they can´t do that until they come to church. 
and to remind all you ex-missionaries:  NO CHURCH, NO BAPTISM!

But anyways, that´s what´s been happening. I am so grateful to be here, to serve. Study your scriptures EVERY day! and PRAY! and never lose faith or hope!

Sister Eliason


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