Monday, October 6, 2014

FAMILY- Isn´t it about... TIME?

Isn´t it about time? So Tyler, congratulations! 2 transfers at home! (are you still counting time in transferências?) Tanner, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I can´t beleive you are entering the MTC this WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! And to everyone, It is crazy that I´ve been on the mission for exactly 11 months today! Wow- how time passes....

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!! I´M BEING TRANSFERRED!!! Ok, for you, this doesn´t mean much, but for me, my world is changing!!!!! I´m going to a city here in São Paulo called Tupã.  And guess what? I´m going to be in a trio. Again. Don´t get me wrong, I loved it last time, but I´m not really in the mood right now.... oh well.... tranferencias are of the lord, so I need to be receptive.

This week was alright. I´m sad to leave presidente Prudente. It´s going to be hard to find a place as special as this here... I´m sad to leave my companion.  Love her tons. On the birght side, I´m going to have 2 new Brazilian companions, so hopefully I´ll start actually learning portuguese.... and pronunciation and all... haha! But at least now, I know "if youré happy and you know it", "I am a child of God" And a random kitchen utensil song in spanish...

ok GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS SUPPPPERR GOOD!!!! I watched the first 2 sessions in English, and Sunday, I watched in Portugues, which was super awesome because we got to listen to that one Brazilian elder. It was super awesome, and everyone loved listening to a talk where they can see and hear the expression of the ACTUAL speaker. It makes a big difference. I loved that talks about which way do you face, and the one (German?) elder who spoke VERY frankly. but honestly. WONDERFUL!!!
And then I absolutly LOVEDDDDDDDDD with all my heart Elder David A Bednar´s talk. I laughed so hard..... :D but unfortuently, we didn´t have any investigators at that particualar session. oh well...

Hope you are all doing wonderful!!!! LOVE YOU ALLLLLL!!!!!!
Sister Eliason

I forgot, I got to hold a parrot this week. It was AWESOME! My comp took a photo, but it´s on her camera.... I´ll send it later.

my zone

with my companion and our ward mission leader (Capitão)

with my companion

the size of a cockroach compared to the book of mormon (if you can zoom in, maybe  you´ll get what dad calls the "heebee jeebeez" hahahaha

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