Tuesday, October 21, 2014



So what does T. E. stand for? Not Tyler Eliason, nor Tanner Eliason. But......

I got a call from the assistants this morning saying that I need to pack my bags and to bring them to our zone conference in Marília tomorrow. And there, I´ll receive "a surprise." WHAT?!! I just got here in Tupã!!! (Cidade do sol...) I´m kind of sad because I really love my companions. I don´t think I´ve ever laughed so hard in my life... :)  We´ve already gone through some hard times, and are super close (and small world- Elder Parker Ayer´s (old) companion knows my companion, Sister Dos Santos.) 
But I´ve heard WONDERFUL things about Marília, so I´m kind of excited...
Anyways, lots of things happened this week. 
Wednesday, after we worked all day, we came home, closed our numbers and were getting ready for bed. Sister Dos Santos opened her wardrobe to get her stuff to take a shower, and I heard a 30 second long and loud scream. Sister Sampaio and I ran to the bedroom to find her wardrobe infested with millions of ANTS!!! And not just little ants, but huge honkin´disgusting ants. Some black some red. And they were EVERYWHERE!!!!!! WE spent the next hour killing all the ants with out shoes and some spray deodorant.... ha. EWW No JENTO.

We found some really really good investigators - some teenagers who were interested. But on Sunday, when we went to pick them up, the grandmother of one lied to us, saying that she wasn´t there, and the other teenager got sick (but literally he was sick because he was taking some strong medicine because he broke a bone...) Anyways, the other sisters will continue to work with them this week.

Today I will have to enjoy the last bit of juice in the Supermarket here. They make the BEST natural juice that´s supppperr cheap. Also, I´ve planned to cut my hair, which will be a relief buece the last time I cut it was over a year ago.... eeiish. Whatever, the mission isn´t a time where I´m trying to look super attractive. ha!

Oh man, so many miracles are happening! Miracles in me! If you are reading this, go directly and read chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel. You will have a desire to repent. But remember repentance is a wonderful gift we have. and you will want to be more like our Savior.
I know he lives and that we are doing his work. 

Oh, so news about my hands- they started feeling better, so I stopped taking that anti-inflammatory medicine. Mistake. But when I called Sister Genaro to tell her what was going on, she talked to the Missionary doctor and prescribed me to take ibprofin every 8 hours. Kind of annoying, but at least they feel fine now. I don´t know what happened, but I´m just grateful that I´m ok. The problem is that not only was I hurting, but both my companions. and Just about every other Sister that has worked here in Tupã. Like for reals, every sister that has passed through here has had some kind of problem. The 24 hour clinic, the UPA is TIRED of seeing missionaries. But do you know what? We just keep going, and trusting in miracles.

Love ya all!!!
Sister Eliason


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