Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Hey family and friends!!!!! How are you? Enjoying the chilly air? Do a favor for me, check the weather where I´m at! It´s over 100 like every day this week! Ha! When I got here in Tupã, my companions told me that the difenition of Tupã is “the city of the sun.” Of course they were just joking, but it doesn´t feel like it. Anyways…. I´m doing well. We live in a house here, so that´s kind of different.

 The branch is nice, but really small.... I´m playing the piano like always for sacrament meeting. 
My companions are hilarious!!! 

Not a whole lot happened this week- we are struggling to find new investigators, but I have faith.   Faith+Works+Desire = Baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We´re going to get there...  :)

Ok this week was PAINFUL!!!! I started developing a stinging pain in both my wrists. it startes in my fingers and worked it´s way to my wrists... I also felt it in both my feet and my knees, but the wrists were the worst part. I started feeling the pain this past tuesday, and today I am starting to feel a little bit better. It came to the point where I coulnd´t touch ANYTHING! I couldn´t open the fridge, put on my nametag, do my hair... It hurt to go to the bathroom or take a shower. Little,easy things, I had to ask my companions to do for me. So on Thursday, we went to the 24 hour medical clinic and the doctor basically told me that he had NO IDEA what was wrong with me. so he gave me some medicine that reduced the swelling, and I a still taking this medicine today... Thank goodness it is getting better...

Anyways, I love ya all!!! Out of time! The Lord takes care of us, This I am sure!
Sister Eliason

My companions- Sister Sampaio and Sister Dos Santos 

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