Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Who's excited?!

Ok, I am soooooooo excited for this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!! Can I get an haleluigha!? (Sp?)

ok bad thing: This is our last week before transfers and I don´t want to leave my companion or this area!! I´ve been here for 4 months.... but When we had interviews with Presidente Genaro he hinted REALLY strongly that I would probably be transferred. :(

TERÇA-FEIRA we had MISSION TOUR!!!!!!! Elder Mozart Soares and his wife came and spoke to us. I will note some highlights of my notes: (ah dang it, my notes are in portuguese and now I have to translate. :p )
- There are 2 types of missionaries (2 nephi 2:14)
    1. those who act
    2. those who receive action
Guess what kind of missionary we need to be.
- The part most difficult of working with all your heart, might, mind and strength, is your MIND. I have to control my thoughts better.
- D&C 42:48 Death is a pre-designation
- Revelation does not come without prayer. and Salvation cannot come without revelation. so basically salvation does not come without prayer. you gotta pray your hearts out!!!!
- Always ask member is they know somebody who needs to be reactivated.
-We have to RETAIN!!!! When we work in the work of retention, we will have a lot more baptisms.
- The sister missionaries of today are being prepared to raise a priesthood generation.

Other cool things: The members (including recent converts) went to the temple this week and had a marvelous super-fabulous time!!! There is another caravan in November and ALL of them want to go again!
Remember Weslley who was baptized last week? Well he is super firme!!! like he told us that he should have been baptized earlier! And he told his super catholic grandmother "if you would just go to the church of Jesus Christ, you would understand better..." ah! It´s awesome.

Everyday we can see the hand of the Lord. But it is usually in things that can be easily overmissed. I challenge all of you to WRITE DOWN how you´ve seen the hand of the lord in your life EVERY DAY!!

Love ya all!
This Church is True! 
We will hear the prophet speak this week!
Sister Eliason

And we may have has a sweet potato fight...

my companion lost the back of her earring, so she used a leaf the WHOLE day (and it worked!)

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