Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cidade de Biscuito

Olá! Ok, so I´m here in Marília!!!! The city of the cookie cracker!!! If you think I´m kidding, read it again. The biggest brand of cookie crackers in Brasil is here in Marília. In fact, the chaple is 2 blocks away from one of the factories. So there is a very sweet smell here.

Ok- business, I packed my bags last monday, and Tuesday morning, we went to the zone conference with all the zones in São Paulo. I saw a bunch of old companions!!! And then I saw a Sister standing alone with her parents, and I KNEW she would be my new companion, and she is! It turns out that she´s from Londrina!!!! She was serving in the Mission Brasil Vitória, but had some MAJOR problems with her knees. So she went home for 3 months to recover, and she´s serving one transfer in her home mission as a trial to see how she´s feeling. 
And so this week started out great. But it´s reallllly hard for her! And I want so much to help her and to take away the pain, but there´s really nothing I can do. 
But we found a family that´s less-active, and holyyyyyyy cow. Major spiritual experience. They are going through a ton of difficulties, and at one point, we went there and shared a scripture: Mosiah 2:41. And the mother, Rosemara, started crying. She told us that this is her answer. Of course the Lord won´t bless her because she´s been neglicting the commandments. 
They came to church on Sunday. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!

When we got to church, we were talking to one of the counselor´s, and he told us. "ah, I have a suprise for you." RED ALERT!!!!!! " can one of you give the first talk today?" And my companion wasn´t feeling well, so guess who gave the first talk? Me :) And I played the piano.
The members here are GREAT!!! I love them. We jsut need to bring more people to church!!

Love ya all!!!
I´m out of time!
Sister Eliason


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