Monday, September 8, 2014

Se você esta feliz, bate-as mãos....

This week was full of miracles and events that I wish would not have happened. soooo you could say it was pretty normal.
But we walked quite a bit this week, and let me just say, I´m pretty good at singing "if you´re happy and you know it" in Portuguese AND Spanish. Also, I´ve learned that it is impossible for me to roll my "r's" so this whole Spanish thing is a lot more difficult that I thought it would be... (but really- somehow I just can´t do it.)

Monday- I baked cookies for Sister Loyola´s birthday. I´ve made better. We also found a young woman of 21ish anos (I´m not even going to change that) named Nathália, who was pretty interested in the Book of Mormon. She said that she would go to church... hmmmm... we marked to return the next night to teach her. 

Tuesday- was pretty normal. Up until about 7 o´clock at night when this MASSIVE Storm passed though. We actually passed by the church to use the restroom and refill our water bottles (the church is a safe, clean pace to do so) when the storm started. there was wind and rain and hail (weird for brasil) and lightning and thunder and the power went out. Also, the youth were there for seminary, and one of them ran to close the outside door of the church, and she slipped and fell and cut herself really bad. She ended up going to the hospital to get some stitches... Anyways, after about 30 minutes, the storm died down and the power came back on, so Sister Loyola and I headed out. We passed by Nathália, who wasn´t there, and while we were leaving her house, all the power went out AGAIN! And it started raining hard. We opened the door of a beauty salon to see if we could take cover (and maybe get some contacts/teach a mini lesson) but do you know what the owner told us. "no- I was planning on leaving soon- you can´t come in here." AHHHHH!!! so there we were in the middle of the road, almost pitch black, and it´s raining and the wind is crazy, and I was a little afraid some tree was going to fall on us. But we booked it to our apartment building (20 min away) and ended up teaching a woman who lives the floor under us- so it ended up being good. 

Wednesday- we decided to check out an area that I´m pretty sure no missionary has gone before. We walked and walked and walked and tried to get some contats and whatnot, but nobody was interested and nobody said that they would come to church. So we learn from experience to never go there again.... But ALLL day, we say tons of trees in the road that had fallen from the night before- there was actually quite a bit of damage. I´m so grateful that we were protected.

Thursday- ZONE MEETING!!!! Mom and Dad, I got your HAND-WRITTEN LETTERS!!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!!! (Ah! I´m so proud of you!)  We also had a wonderful teaching practice that all our zone participated in! It was really really inspiring. I won´t go into details, but at one point, I felt like I needed to ask a question that was off topic. It was quiet for quite a while, but I just had a feeling to ask this question, and so I did. And it was PERFECT!!!! I was able to figure out what was the problem with the investigator. This was really comforting to me- knowing that I do have a right to recieve revelation- the spirit Knows the investigator, and while I don´t, the spirit will tell me what to say.

Friday- normal.

Saturday- we had interviews with president Genaro. BEST INTERVIEW EVER!!!!!!

Sunday- remember Nathalia from monday? We passed by her house so see if she would come, and when we got there, she was waiting for us with her dad AND grandfather. and they all came to church and stayed for the full 3 hours. MIRACLES HAPPEN!!!!!!!

Today- I will read the book of letters that mom sent me from my missionary cousins!

Love you all! Feel the spirit and uplift someone today. I read this morning that charity is a commandment.
Sister Eliason

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