Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cowboy hats, oranges, and hot sauce

Fun facts:
-We are eating a million oranges here. :)
-My companion eats oranges with hot sauce. (what can I say? She´s from Mexico!)
- Our investigator, José (79 years old) pulled out a ton of hats including cowboy hats and traditional Northeast Brasilian hats and let us wear them.
-This same investigator is kind of planning a wedding between me and his grandson (kind of awkward...)
- This same investigator came to church yesterday! WOOHOOOO!! But he came late and some member saw him outside trying to find the door to get inside and ran and got us. We found him climbing up the fire escape stairs... haha
- So technically it´s still winter right? Well PLEASE DON´T tell me it´s winter when it is 37C (98F) outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost dying here....
- Church yesterday was AMAZING!!!! It´s focus was on the family the entire time. We brought 2 new investigators to church and they both LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!
- We taught one of our investigators, Weslley, the Plan of Salvation, and the whole time his very Catholic grandmother was making comments that weren´t really important. At one point she said that the fruit Eve ate was an apple. But then again, nobody really knows. And then our investigator commented, yeah she could have eated a watermelon. Well it was so ridiculous that I burst out laughing.... just imagining eve eating a watermelon. Ok...
- WE MADE POTATOS OF OURSELVES!!!!!! Out of nylon- we are playing hot potato with the branch to get them to do missionary types of activities.
-I have the best companion ever!!!!!!!! She is always serving me!
- We are helping some recent converts with geneology!  (A couple that was baptized right before I got here, and Samara. Remember her?) Well she´s the best!!!! She told us the other day that she already has 84 names to do! They are planning on going on the branch temple trip on the 26th. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPPYYYYYYY!!!!!!
-We almost died several times this week! (not so fun...) First our shower wires to take a hot shower burst and started smoking..... then a lightbulb socket outside of ourbedroom started smoking randomly.... then a cockroach almost landed on the head of my companion.  BEWARE!!!!! THE COCKROACHES HERE ARE ENORMOUS AND THEY FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They lord is here everyday. I see his hand and I am a witness that devine miracles exist.
Sister Eliason

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