Monday, June 30, 2014

there aren't words

THIS WEEK!!!! I could write a book about this week, so much stuff happened!

First of all, 


Everyone´s freaking out. HA! It´s great!

And I´m so glad that I got to be a part of that! We had a baptism of Carlos Saturday. It was simple, but oh so sweetly good. :)))) And it was the first baptism of my companion, so that´s great!!! 

So basically this week was kind of stressful-preparing Carlos for the baptism, and also because the other sisters here had a baptism on Friday. So we tried to move our baptism to Friday, but yeah that didn´t work out. But it´s all good, in the end people were baptized and we felt the spirit.

ummm.... Saturday was probably the best day of my mission. maybe. we had lunch de poder!!!! SO GOOD! like gormet chef here! then we did an activity which I am not allowed to revel. only that we got permission from our president to do so, as long as we didn´t take any pictures or tell our family, so I´ll tell you all when I get home... haha! Then we had a baptism!!!!!!!!!!! Then we taught a woman, Sueli. She´s great!
And she came to church yesterday. 
I have to tell you about church yesterday. We have this one investigator, Ademir. (maybe I already told about him, but I don´t remember.) anywyas, he came to church on his own one time, but didn´t tell his wife. When we went to teach him, his wife told us to not waste our time- they have their own religion- and to leave. Well he came to church last week AND yesterday.  You can tell he loves it and is soaking it all in. Well we were in Gospel Principles yesterday when there was a knock at the door, and it was his wife. She literally pulled him out of the class. We (sister henrik and I) ran after them and caught them in the hallway. We got the number of Ademir, but the whole time his wife was complaining and whining. (great, right?) Well Ademir tried to tell his wife that he likes the church- that it´s beautiful and great, but she would have none of it. Then they left. 
We returned to the class, said a closing prayer, then I bawled.

And I don´t think I´ve ever felt so sorriful for someone. He LOVES the church, you can see it in his eyes. But what can we do? Preach My Gospel says that you can´t baptize anyone without the consent of the spouse.

One quick thing. They are trying to church the district here into a stake. And so they built a MAGNIFICENT stake center, which opened yesterday and we now attend. I have never seen such a beautiful church in my life. It is by far the most grand I´ve ever seen. (It has a parking garage.) Lots of people are interested about the building. we will have an open house this week.

Sister Eliason


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