Monday, February 3, 2014


AND DRUMROLLLLLLLLLL...... I'm being transferred!!!! Along with my companion, Sister Filinson, we are both being transferred to the same area (WEIRD) where we will open the area for sisters! WOOOHOOO! This will be fun. Especially because I haven´t even finished my training... My companion has never opened an area before and I am in training and still have lots of troubles with the language. But the Lord will make us strong. As long as we are doing His work and trusting in His will, we cannot fail. Thus, I am thoroughly excited!  I feel good about this past transfer. haha All the pages in my planner for referrals, members, and notes are filled with referrals. It´s a good thing transferes are this week because I have no room left!

Well, we kind of knew that all of us sisters here in Campo Morão were going to be transferred (elders will probably take our place), so yesterday at church, there were lots of tears. It was a really good fast and testimony meeting, and I actually understood a lot of what was said. So I am pretty excited about that. 

Anyways, this week was a really good week- we found a LOT of people who seemed interested in the church and our message, so we made a lot of appointments for this week. The missionaries following us have a busy schedule this week :) For example, we were walking along the street yesterday, and a young man stopped us (actually he started walking along with us) and asked us about the church. He wanted to know what we believed and what the missionaries do. This does not happen often- actually VERY rare.

 One of the highlights of this week was when we had a member with us for an evening. We went to a certain neighborhood, and she mentioned how she had a friend who lived here. Our appointment for the evening fell through, so we decided to pass by her friends house. Well we got there, and I KNOW we´ve clapped at this house before, and I remember that she wasn´t particularly excited about us. Well this time when we were with the member, her friend invited us in. We explained a little about us and the church and mentioned how families can be together forever. Immediately this friend wanted to know more, so we ended up teaching the Plan of Salvation. We have a date marked to visit again (and she promised to have chocolate cake and fanta for us.) Of course it will probably be with elders, but whatever. My point is that MEMBERS ARE SO ESSENTIAL!!! When you have a member in your lesson, it makes the biggest difference! 

I love you all! Make this week great!

Com amor,
Sister Eliason

P.S. Disappointed about the superbowl. go broncos....  :(
I forgot to say, my new area is the city of Sarandi. woohooo! look it up, I know nothing about it :)

at the edge of the city. I randomly wore green and yellow and everyone said I looked like Brasil. :)

even when it´s POURING, we still work

fanta maracujá (passionfruit) BEST DRINK EVER

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