Thursday, February 27, 2014

Esta semana

Helloooo everyone!!!!! I love you all!!! Ready to hear about my week? ok

This week was good. It´s hard to balance all our time-  
Tuesday after our district meeting, we went to lunch in a different city (still in our area. It´s about 30 min. away by onibus) when we returned, we taught the first lesson to a couple of women. It was a pretty good lesson, except for the fact that we realized that they are lesbians and live together. We will see where this goes... Then we stopped by Maicol, the young man who WILL be baptized this week. Then we had our English class. Oh, it´s hard. It´s hard when you don´t have any textbook, so you try to use the English to Portuguese textbook you got in the MTC... I would also like more time to prepare what we´re going to teach, but alas, as a missionary, you don´t have any spare time.

Wednesday was awesome because we took away all the coffee from the house of Maicol and his family. They allllll drink coffee, but realize it is harmful and want to quit. So they let us take it all away. We were so proud of them, so we made natural lime juice and bought some coffee substitute for them. I think we have a good relationship with this family. I´m super excited, because we are planning on Maicol´s baptism for Friday, when his brother (who lives in Campo Morão (my last area haha) live) will be here with his family. The father, who is a part member, told us that Maicol´s example to read and pray and continue to learn about this church is really helping him and his family. This is what the gospel is about! yay!!

We taught a member´s father this week, and it was a really interesting lesson- he came to church the week before and during priesthood, they read the book of Abraham. So naturally he wanted to know about the Pearl of Great Price. However, he had never heard of Joseph Smith before. And it was late, and we needed to leave soon. And he is partially deaf, so we had to shout. It was difficult, because we tried to teach a quick lesson about Joseph Smith to answer his questions. WE have another appointment this week. 

It´s been really rainy lately, and the dirt roads here (we have a lot) turn to mud. I will send pictures.

Also, I think some bug lives beneath the piano in the church because after choir practice, I had 30 bugbites on my legs.... ahhhhhhh! Oh well, I will endure!!!

I love you all!!!

Sister Eliason
Dirt road after it rained. Unfortunately we have several investigators and members who live down here.

yeah this happened

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