Monday, April 20, 2015

What I feel I need to say

I have a million bajillion things on my mind that I need to say, so sorry if it´s all kind of out of order.
First off:

And thus our annual family party week has begun!!! Save me a piece of cake ok? (no, I´m just kidding!!)

Ok let´s get down to business. (name that movie. easy. everyone knows it.) 
So as it turns out, I am coming home quite soon, and as such, I will have the opportunity to eat many things which I have not eaten in a year and a half. So I have put together a list of delicious foods I would like to eat in the first or second weeks home (no, I am not being trunky, just prepared):
 -root beer (let´s not do barques, ok?)
- chinese orange chicken
- that one sandwich of roast beef that you dip in sauce (I don´t remember the name of this food)
-stir fry
- cheesecake with raspberries
- that one spiral chip I love (you know the one. I just forgot the name)
- ribs :)))))
- taco salad
- pizza (it´s a given :)) 

Next: This week was awesome!! Actually it was pretty hard- we are struggling to find investigators that have real interest and will actually progress.... And we marked 7 appointments on saturday... but all of them fell through. Until the last one. Well, actually it fell through too because the man we talked with on the street and marked the appointment, he wasn´t there, but his daughter was. Her name is Bianca, and we showed her the church video "Because he lives" and then I asked how she felt. She told us she felt different- good- something she´s never felt. We invited her to come to church, and she came yesterday. She is someone that has real intent. Really. We learn in Doctrine and Convenants that the Lord´s elect understand and harden not their hearts to the truth. When we taught her last night, it was very, very spiritual. When I cited the first vision, you could tell she believed. I never get old of this experience. It doesn´t happen often, but it is a tender mercy of the Lord. 
It´s funny, as I am ending up my mission, I guess I expected the work to die down as well, but on the other hand, it´s hastening. We are constantly looking for more people to teach and bring to church and to BAPTIZE!!!! 

For now, I challenge you. Make a list of all your favorite, cherished people in your life. Can be anyone. Now who is the first person on the list NOT a member? Now GO! tell this person you love him/her and bare your testimony.
Love you all,
Sister Eliason

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