Monday, April 6, 2015

Lovin' it all

This week was pretty good- we had some good experiences with the new video "Because He Lives." Sister Vargas and I decided to enter in as many houses as possible, be annoyingly persistent, and show everyone this short video. Well the first experience we had to show someone was kind of funny. We walked down a street, trying to find a house, but saw a man outside on his porch. We approached him, and immediately asked if there was a woman in the house. When he affirmed that yes, there was, we asked if we could enter and show him a short video about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He let us in, but then we had to spend about 10 minutes fiddling with his DVD player, and amidst all the cords and wires and behind the TV, I realized that we never even asked his name. So we asked what his name was, and introduced ourselves. Well, we finally got the DVD player to work, and showed him the video and bore testimony about Jesus Christ. And he started crying. A lot. He grabbed a towel and everything. It was such a sweet moment.
He came to General Conference yesterday with his son, and we will go visit and teach him tonight

Unfortunately we were not able to watch the woman´s conference or the priesthood session, as they start at 9:00 at night, the same time we need to be inside our houses. So we´ll just wait until the Liahona gets here.... but by that time, i think i´ll probably be home....

But that´s about it. I love my companion- she´s awesome! I love pastais. I will learn how to make pastel dough so I can make a bunch when I get home. i love the profet. Hope he is doing well. I love general conference (does somebody know why Elder M. Russel Ballard and Elder Richard G. Scott didn´t speak?) I love that I understood everything because I watched it all in portuguese. 
I love you all. And I love my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sister Eliason
​my companion loves cats.

one of our "Because He lives" we passed out. We found this our first day of distribution :(

funny tree

"welcome home" - we found this guy in our house when we got home last night.

​With some of the sisters at the conference yesterday!

​I asked a woman if I could use her restroom. There was a chicken living there.
​ovos de pascoa!!! (easter eggs!)

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