Monday, April 13, 2015

The sun is setting...

I realized that the sun is setting on my mission. I have to give everything I´ve got!!!!!!!!!!!! All my force and everything. Soak in these last moments... But at least when I get home, I won´t have to walk with a huge hole in my left shoe... (I'll send a picture someday....)

But anyways, this week I´ve regretted all the times I thought French class was boring and didn´t even try to remember French after 11th grade. "WHY?" you may ask.... Well because there are so many HAITIANS here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are such a loving people who are searching for God and love missionaries. They are incredibly poor, incredibly happy, incredibly loving people who sometimes understand portuguese. We taught and brought a Haitian couple to church yesterday, and the husband (Mackso) speaks and understands portuguese very well. However his wife, (Natasha) speaks only Creolo (French.) And well, I don´t remember anything. 

Funny story: We taught a different Haitian man, and he lived in the Dominican Republic for some years, so he speaks fluent Spanish. And well, my companion, Sister Vargas happens to be from Peru! So we had a lesson in Spanish! (Tanner (Elder Eliason), are you proud of me?!) I really don´t know anything, just know how to bare my testimony in Spanish, so my companion basically taught everything. But it was kind of awesome, because I understood almost everything!!!! 

The man who came to general conference, Jamil, unfortunately didn´t come to church yesterday because he traveled to Mato Grosso (another state) to look for a job.... surprise. But we will continue to try to visit him and teach him whenever he gets back.

Hey, I love you all!!!! Hope you have a fantastic week! I know the savior´s hand is in our day to day life.
Sister Eliason


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