Monday, November 24, 2014

life is crazy- super great, but crazy

So highlights of this week!!!

-LUIZ was baptized!!!!!! he was a miracle that came to the church open house! I had some AMAZING experiences teaching him. I´ll tell you one. Luiz had a problem with the Word of Wisdom. (aka, he drank, smoked, and drank coffee) but after teaching him, when we returned, and he told us of how the day before, he passed by a bar and his friends called out to him to come and drink with them. But he told them "NO!" woooohoooo!! And even better, he told us that as he was walking away, he felt stronger. This is amazing! And I was thinking of how this happens in our lives: we all get tempted, but as we make the right choices, we will feel Heavenly Father´s approval and support.
-My companion is leaving today. It´s sad because she has to return to her house to recover. :( AT least we got to celebrate her birthday this week!
-I heard a rumor of whom my next companion will be. She´s from Portugal. (Grandma and Grandpa Eliason, where did you serve in Portugal!?!)

I love you all!!!!
Sister Eliason

-VAIIII CORINTHIONS!!! (That´s for you Tyler... kkkkk We´ve got to have at least a little bit of family rivalry, right?!)

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