Monday, August 18, 2014

this week.... of joy and gladness!

Hey yall!! I have 6 minutes to write about my week, so here it goeessssssssss:
Last week we had one investigator come to church (because her cousin who is a member from Brasilia was visiting.) Welllllll SHE IS SOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!
She ended up LOVING church, and when we went to her house she had already started reading the Book of Mormon.
I LOVE her so much!  She will be baptized this Saturday. (Her name is Samara.) She came to church yesterday, then stayed for choir, then we taught her. Here are some of the things that she told us yesterday:
1. Last night I was really tired, and I got home at 11:00 but then I remembered the goal I made to read at least one chapter of the Book of Mormon and pray every day. And I did that, and I felt better.
2. Tithing (we taught about tithing) is not a sacrifice; it´s a blessing.
3. I don´t get a salary because }I´m studying and not working right now. But my parents give me a little money every week. Would it be ok if I paid my tithing on that? Because I want to pay tithing and receive blessings.
4. Thank you so much for teaching me! I feel so good when you teach or when I´m reading and praying!
5. And yesterday I was telling my sister about OUR church....
6. I am a very different person, and I am so happy!
7. I don´t even want to do my school work anymore. I just want to read the Book of Mormon and study about the church.
Yup, she´s great, and I´m learning a lot from her.
So we talked to a crazy man this week (nothing new...) But he told us that we were being manipulated by some political reason to serve a mission. We tried to bare testimony, but to no avail. Whatever. This experience just increases my testimony.
Presidente Prudente is a beautiful city. It has palm trees and beautiful birds, and actually has people who clean the streets. But what´s even better is the Branch and the people who live here. It almost reminds me of Gainesville. :)))))
My blouse still smells like garlic. (Refer to last week´s email.)
Hope you all had a blast at the fam. reunion!!!
Sister Eliason 

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