Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My poor companion

So my companion is from Argentina. If you know anything about Argentina, you would know that they love soccer almost as much as Brazilians....

This week we had probably the best day of my mission!!!!!!!! Maybe. We had conferencia de zona! Where all the zones in our mission in the state of São Paulo went to Marília and President Genaro came and spoke. It was an all-day event, and so FANTASITC!!!!! CAN I JUST SAY, there is noone I would rather have as a president, than Presidente Genaro. I know without a doubt that he is called from God and when he spoke to us, it was so inspiring. I tried to write down everything, because every word is like GOLD!!!!!!! 
My faith of the priesthood of God grew so much. I KNOW without a doubt that Jesus is the Christ, and that his POWER is so REAL!!! And also, as with all things there is opposition. And with this knowledge of Christ, I also know without a doubt that Satan is also real. He also tempts everyone, and it is our duty to have faith sufficient to overcome him. I read about Nephi in the Book of Mormon (3 Nephi 9) and how he had so much faith, that angels ministered to him DAILY while he was preaching repentance unto people. Cool right. UNDERSTATEMENT!!!

Something not cool- so Ademir didn´t come to church yesterday. (First time in over a month.) And naturally we didn´t know where he was. But strangly enough, his wife didn´t know also, and so she actually came to the church to look for him. She ended up interregating a member- first asking where her husband was, then condeming him for not keeping all the commandments. (That´s right folks, she´s a seventh day advenset, where they believe that SATURDAY is the sabboth, not sunday.) She told him that the church is an abomination and left him with pamphlets of her church. 
I think this week I will study "charity" in Preach My Gospel.

So I might have already mentioned, but the members here are SOOOOO GREAT!!! And the youth especially. Every Sunday we have an activity with the youth where we teach them how to be better missionaries and how to share the gospel with their firends. They love it, we love it, and normally we have good numbers every week of lessons with members.

Ok- Sueli. WHY WASN´t SHE BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!?!?!!? Well she had a baptismal interview set for Friday night, but about an hour before it was going to happen, she sent us a text saying that the mother of a friend passed away, and her friend needed her. So she went to the viewing. I´m not saying that this woman died because of Satan, but ohhhhhhhh!!!!! Of course the viewing happened to be at the same time as the interview. He (Satan) is so clever to put things in people´s way to slow or stop the progress of the Lord´s work!!!!  

Things before I go:
ELDER TYLER ELIASON!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON COMPLETEING YOUR MISSION!!!!! Can´t believe it- 2 years!!! ok, what is your normal email?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANNER ELIASON!!!!! 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You´re an adult!!!!!!!!!!! And almost a missionary!! Uraguay is waiting!!!

Happy Birthday Grandpa! (I will not reveal your age!

Love ya,
Sister Eliason


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