Tuesday, May 6, 2014

this week!

AHHHH! so this week was pretty good- I absolutely love my companion! She is really happy all the time and is SUPER patient with everyone, and yeah, she´s the bomb. 

Ok- we found a woman totally cool: we had a name in the Area Book for an Aline on a certain street, and we decided to visit her. Well it turns out the the house doen´t exist (not rare, people lie to us all the time.) So we decided to clap at the neighbors house to see if they knew an Aline. So we clapped and a woman came to the portão (fence.) We asked if she knew an Aline, and she told us that her name is Aline! So we said, oh Aline!!! You probably talked with elders... but she told us that she never did- she had never heard of the church and moved here about one month ago. But it was totally random that her name is the same as what we had. 

Anyways, she invited us in, and we shared a message about the Book of Mormon. We went back the next day, and she read a TON!  We learned that she knew NOTHING about Jesus Christ and so we taught the lesson: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was the first time on my mission that I taught someone who knew nothing about Him. But it was really spiritual and as we expressed the love that He has for her, she cried. She accepted a baptismal date and then she said, " I knew that you were going to ask me to be baptized, and I accept." Then Sister Solis (probably was prompted to say this) explained the law of Chastity (because her boyfriend stays with her on the weekends.) And Aline said that she will kick her boyfriend out of her life if it is God´s plan and will for her. AHHH SUCH FAITH!!!!

She went with us to stake conference yesterday.  (which was super complicated to coordinate rides and get people there, because it was at 8:00 in the morning in another city.... SUPER EARLY!!) 
But we had faith and it all worked out.

Mom- I got your package and my companions love you TONS because you sent maple syrup extract. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

love ya lots!
Sister Eliason

p.s. Elder Ayer is arriving in Brazil this week and I´m supppppper excited for him!!!! I love all my cousins serving missions!!!
I think we´re close to the wild west

leaving Maringá (where we had stake conference)

probably my favorite photo of the mission so far.... hahaha

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