Monday, May 12, 2014

happy belated mother´s day!!

First off, it was absolutely WONDERFUL to talk to you, family, yesterday!!! I remember it was really great, but really, what did we talk about?  I´ve been thinking about it a lot, and I realized that you all are still the same, and you all will still be the same people when I get back. It was like a waker-upper, like RIGHT NOW is the ONLY time I have to serve a full time mission in Brazil. 
Don´t waste it. Right now is the time to be a representative of Jesus Christ. 

For all those who are reading this but didn´t talk to me yesterday, here are some highlights of my week:
- had a SUPER great Gospel principle´s class yesterday in church!!
- One recent convert is doing amazing and loves the church. He was baptized 2 months ago and was called yesterday to be the ward secretary. 
- My companion is super amazing and I am learning a little bit of Spanish and Garanine.
- Rice and beans and rice and beans and rice and beans (I thought we already covered this, but yesterday my family asked me once again what we eat.) oh, and tons of fruit.
- 6 month mark!

Day to day activities: walk and teach and walk and walk and teach and get rejected and walk some more and teach and walk and walk and walk. 

anyways, love you all!
Sister Eliason

P.S. shout out to Brydon Anderson who got a mission call to Chili!!! (It´s so awesome to have so many cousins serving!)
don´t know why everyone loves to wear the USA flag

lots of churrasco!

made it through 6 months


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