Monday, May 26, 2014

Promise given to Noah

Why, may you ask, would I give a subject of an email "Promise given to Noah?"
Well.......... It is to remind myself that the rain will not cover the earth and will not last for more than 40 days, right? (well I hope not for more than 40 days...) Because this week was WET and COLD!!!!! I think the last time I was warm was Tuesday or Wednesday

Ok , first off, 
CONGRATULATIONS ELDER TANNER ELIASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN´T BELIEVE THAT MY VERY OWN BROTHER GOT HIS MISSION CALL TO URAGUAY!!!!!! That is actually really close to where the other Elder Eliason is! And I´m really close to him too. So it´s like this:
I´m on top. 
Elder Eliason is in the middle.
Elder Eliason is below. (Speaking Spanish...)

Oh, speaking of Spanish, please TANNER, please please please please work on your pronunciation!!!!! I remember how high school spanish was for you...

Ok this week. This week was pretty normal. but wet. Well, not normal normal, but normal for a missionary. It was hard. ok what happened:
-Our baptisms of 2 brothers fell through. (That stincks.) (Geez, my spelling is horrible- and it doesn´t help that spell check here is in Portuguese. and I´m too lazy to change it to english...)
- We had marked a baptismal date for a young man who is 15 years old. (remember the new rule that we can´t baptize any child under 16 years old unless we get special permission from the president.) well, Buno is really progressing. He´s going to church, all the activities, and even earlymorning seminary. (For someone who is not even a member, this is huge!!!) Ok, we we marked a baptismal date for this Saturday, but we visited him and his family this week. And guess what, we went there and his mom and his step-dad spent almost 45 minutes telling us what a bad child he is. Like they were seriously slamming on him and basically I´m so glad I don´t live there or I would have no self confidence. Parents, I cannot stress this enough: 
DO NOT EVER  START TELLING PEOPLE HOW BAD YOUR CHILD IS IN FRONT OF HIM/HER. Seriously, it was HORRIBLE!!!!!!! No child should ever have to endure this. I felt SO bad for him.
 And then we went there yesterday and the mother refused to sign the paper for him to be baptized. (His mother is really confusing because she loves us... but yet doesn´t like her son.) 

- The other sisters in the area had a baptism yesterday, and one of our investigators came. :) 

-I made cookies today. My companion made Mbeju (Paraguayn food) It´s really good. Really similar to the tapioca here. (also pretty good, except the time I threw it up....) 


I am learning so much. Little things in my personal study (i.e. this morning I learned that Moses never died, but that he was translated so that he could later appear in the Kirtland Temple.)
I´ve learned bigger things like how to have patience with myself (still working on this) and more of how the spirit works within us. How Satan tries to tempt us in our weaknesses but really that the church is PERFECT. (Members are not.) I´ve learned that our leaders are indeed inspired of God and that when we are exactly obeident, we will see miracles.  I feel like my testimony has grown tremendously and my will is more in line with the will of Heavenly Father. Of course I´m not perfect, but it´s all a process, right?

Hey I love all of you! Tanner, I am so thrilled for you! (I´ll see you in October of 2016 (ah! So far away!)) 

I testify that this church is true!!! It is the same church that Jesus Christ established!

Love ya!
Sister Eliason


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