Monday, April 21, 2014

Rejoice! He is Risen!

YAY! EASTER!!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! People here are kind of crazy and eat a TONNNNNNN of chocolate! We, as missionaries, were given a couple of chocolate eggs (huge- the size of coconuts) and a ton of sweets! I don´t know if I´ve ever eaten so much chocolate in my life... haha

Well this week was good and a little disappointing. We worked all week with one of our investigators who had a baptismal date marked for yesterday. Butttttt he partook of coffee on Saturday (claiming that he didn´t) and so that was frustrating that he lied to us. And then his family visited him for the holidays and are heavily frequenting a different religion, and I´m pretty sure they persuaded him to not come to church because he didn´t come yesterday. But then after church, we visited him with the ward mission leader and have another date marked for this next sunday.

AHHH!! Out of time. ok, real quick:

-I gave a talk in church yesterday. It wasn´t my best talk, but then again, it was in Portuguese, so I´m at least a little proud of myself...
-We got a call from the assistants this week who challenged us to get 100 references this week. (crazy because normally our goal is around 70) And it was going pretty slow. On Friday, it STORMED LIKE CRAZY!!!! and so we got almost none! But yesterday, we slammed the books and hit the pavement working, because we ended up with 101 for the week!!! This is really a miracle because normally on sundays and holidays, nobody is in the street. But really, when we do our part, the Lord blesses us.

I love you all! I´m so grateful for our savior and that because of him and his resurrection, we shall live again!

Sister Eliason

chocolate eggs for Easter!!!

I found the ugliest dog in my life.

we hit 101 references this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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