Monday, December 23, 2013

Primero Semana!!!!!

I LOVE BRASIL!!!!!! I´m so glad I´m here! My area is a city called Campo Morão, and I love it. buttttt let´s start from the beginning. Traveling was fine- about 30 hours, but tudo bem. I had a layover from São Paulo to Londrina, and the airport was kinda of crazy. They assign about 5 different flights who leave at the same time to one gate, then you have to listen to the overhead speaker to see if your plane is the one at that gate or if your´s was moved. And my plane moved, so that was fun listening to that in Portuguese... haha oh well, I´m here. I have the greatest companion ever, Sister Finlinson!!! She is American and we actually look a lot alike. People ask us all the time if we are sisters... Anyways, she has 10 months here in Brasil and whenever I ask her a question about Portuguese, she´ll explain in portuguese, and then if I still don´t understand, she will say it in english. We NEVER speak english. She´s banned me. I´m not allowed. hehehe this is the most I´ve thought in english in a long time! 

Anyways, we went straight to the mission president´s house and had dinner then left to a house where other sisters were staying. I had to stay in Londrina for a couple of days while we settled all the visa stuff. The second day we had a Mission Christmas party where most of the misssionaries in our mission came. It was pretty crazy.... everyone was so excited to see each other and spoke soooooooo fast!!! We had a couple of talks that I hardly understood and then played some games. For the next couple of days, Sister Finlinson and I stayed in Londrina, and did a lot of contacting for the other sisters. And holy cow, the people here are SO ready to hear the gospel!! Most people we talk to agree to have us come and teach them about Christ in their homes. They are so open and so kind and generous, I love Brazilians. 

Anyways, the third day, we were doing some contacting, and I walked under a tree and a bird pooped on me. It was a good shot too: On my hair, my shirt, my skirt, my leg, and my shoe. It don´t know how it was possible, but it happened. Welcome to Brasil!!! Also, there are more dogs than I´ve seen in my life!!!!! SOOO MANY! stray dogs. they mostly lay on the ground and nap because it´s so hot. 

SOOO, on Friday we got to Campo Morão and went to our apartment, which is in the VERY MIDDLE. There are two sets of sisters in our apartment. They cover half of the city, and we cover the other half. Well, the other sisters are brazilian, and speak SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fast!!!! They always have to repeat for me. Saturday, we walked. EVerywhere. Because we spent so many days in Londrina, we wanted to talk to as many investigators as possible. And we have SO MANY. It´s a good thing, but I can´t keep track of it. WE would walk to a house, stay for 10-15 minutes, then leave and walk. Yesterday was church, and it was definitely interesting. Well, we left about 5 minutes before church started with the branch president to go pick up some investigators- some who were there, some who weren´t. We got back an hour later in time for sunday school. then in sacrament meeting, I bore my testimony. (I wanted to.) and I´ve borne my testimony soooo many times before, but when I got up to the pulpit, I forgot like everything. It was bad. Then some member, (who had some southern baptist in him) would hum loudly and say the typical "amen" or "hallelujah." kind of distracting. Well, I can only go up from here. 

 AHH I´m out of time!! Its hard (especiallly because I cant understand almost anything), but I love it! 

Amo vocês!!!!

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