Friday, November 15, 2013

Primeiro semana!

 I love the CTM!!!! (MTC) The first week was CRAZY though!!!! WE didn't have any downtime at all! After I was dropped off, I dropped off my bags in my room and went straight to my class where we were instructed in Portuguese for 3 hours. YEah, like no english. That night, we went into different classes and taught some "pesquisadors" (investigators) as a group. but..... on Friday, my companion and I taught our first pesquisador for 30 minutes. in portuguese. They seriously throw you right in there! We have taught him 5 times now, and have made some pretty good progress. It is difficult because we are not comfortable with the language at all, and we don't really conjugate, but he gets what we mean. Oh and teaching the restoration was hard because it's difficult to teach about Joseph Smith when you don't know how to speak in the past tense. Go ahead, try one minute of speaking about Joseph Smith without speaking in the past tense. see, it's hard.

But oh well. I LOVE IT HERE! and minha companheria is soooooo AMAZING! Seriously! And she's going to Porto Alegre Norte! I told elder eliason that he should look for her when she gets down there. She's from northeastern Colorado, and lived on a farm and loves goats. She has a great sense of humor, but is super spiritual too. I really know that we were put into companionships NOT by accident. We both don't want to get our visas for another 5 weeks so we can stay companions.
 Oh man, my thoughts are all over the place- I have so much I want to say. Well, I also am roommate companions with my old friend Sister (emily) Gates from Virginia! We went to the same singles ward, and it's kind of weird but awesome that we see each other 24/7! And HER companion, Sister Moody, is SOOOOOO FUNNY! We can't be around her for more than 2 minutes before she cracks a joke. I don't think it's really possible to describe her.

So people say to survive the first week of the MTC until Sunday, and that is so true! Sunday is a nice relief and you don't have any class. You have personal language study time though.  Guess WHAT!!?!??! Elder L. Tom Perry came for devotional on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was AMAZING! perks of being in Provo... it was really neat to hear him speak directly to us missionaries. 

The days here are kind of the same: get up- eat- class- personal study/ comp study- eat- computer language study- class- eat- gym- language study (couple hours)- sleep
But it's so inspired here! I feel the spirit ALL the time!
My teacher's name is irmao McKinley, and he is super nice. He really cares about us and our language. and then yesterday we got another teacher: irma Tirrell (pronounced Ch-ee-helll) and she is likewise just so wonderful! I learned so much yesterday! Oh, and I have the purpose, the first vision, and the baptismal challenge all memorized in Portuguese. It actually helps a lot.
The only downer really is that the food kind of makes me feel not so great. I've been sticking to salads and yogurt and cereal and soup mostly.

We get to go to the temple today and I'm soooo excited! We keep waiting for neve (snow) but alas, it's raining today. 

Oh, On Sunday we watched a video of Elder Bednar's Christmas Devotional at the MTC called: the doctrine of Christ. It is seriously one of my favorite talks ever. My zone leaders said that it would change my mission, and it has. YOU NEED TO GO WATCH IT!!! YOUTUBE IT OR WHATEVER, BUT GO WATCH IT! IT's like an hour, but it is SUPER DUPER AMAZING! (ps, he imitates the cookie monster, and that itself is pretty awesome.)  And Madre, if you  could print that out and send it to me, I would love you forever. :) 

I will try to figure out how to send some pictures... loading pics is weird here.

One last thing that has been on my mind: this morning I was doing laundry and I set my scriptures and soap and bag down and left to do something. Well I came back, and my scriptures were GONE. I have no idea where they are! I don't know if someone picked it up by accident thinking it was theirs, but please pray to help me find them! Thank you!! 

I love you all, and I know that this church is true! I love it and I am just so happy to be here on my mission!

Te amo, Tchau!

Sister Eliason

P.S. I no longer say "hi" to anyone anymore. I say "oi!"

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