Monday, March 16, 2015

March 9, 2015

This week was kind of crazy! We have 3 couples we are teaching, and it´s awesome because we are praying and fasting to find and teach and baptize a family. And the ward council is doing so with us, so that´s awesome! Unfortunately only one of these couple came to church yesterday, but it turned out pretty good. (And they have a car!!!!!!!!)  We (sister Garcia and I) love them!!! Bruno and Mayssa. Pretty much they know that they have to be baptized. And they know that they have to read the BOM and they know that they´ll get an answer. But we have faith and hope :)

The zone leaders helped us out this week- they did a division in our area (well to really a division.... just took a day to work in our area to help us find new investigators.) and they really helped. So Sister Garcia and I made them cookies, one of which was in the shape of the baptismal symbol (see the foto I sent.) 

But this week was pretty spiritual- our zone had what we called a "holy week" where we really focused on the work and didn´t talk about our past lives or family much or really anything not related with missionary work or the gospel. It was kind of hard, but we had some pretty spiritual experiences. 

Saturday night, we held a ward activity that we, the missionaries were in charge of. We had everyone sit as though they were on a plane. And then, with sound effects and everything, the plane was getting ready to crash, and everyone had 30 seconds to write on a piece of paper their last thought and wishes towards their families. Then we collected the papers. And in front of everybody, we tore them all up, as though they meant nothing. It shocked everyone. We then read Jacob 4:3-6 and told everyone that when we neglect to read the scriptures, it´s as though we are tearing up all the work done by the holy prophets. The activity turned out great!

Something not so spiritual: it seems like everyone is on strike here. All the public high schools are on strke here in Paraná and haven´t been in session in over a month and a half. Then all the truck drivers have been on strike for more than a week because of something that the president said. So prices of everything have been skyrocketing! Last week there were no bananas in the supermarket!!! (but luckily our neighbor gave us a TONNN from her ranch!) And because of the lack of truck drivers, the post office is at a standstill, and yesterday we found out from a hurt woman on the street that the hospitals are on strike too.... 
I don´t want to say all this to worry you, but WOAH! It´s a little crazy! But don´t worry- we are all doing fine :)

Pray for Bruno and Mayssa. I´m super excited about them. Love you all!!! 
Keep well!
Sister Eliason
cookie in the shape of a baptism symbol

millions of types of bananas

my shoe died. Sister Gracia´s also died.


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